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 Your first visit


A regular first visit is all about listening to you - your history and your goals for oral health. You may be telling us you want to get rid of bad breath; to whiten your teeth; to get a broken tooth fixed. Whatever it is, it's a priority. We're paying attention to what you're saying and integrating that information into taking care of your overall dental health. And if you're in pain - that absolutely comes first.


A first visit typically involves a dental and medical history review; blood pressure screening; necessary diagnostic digital radiographs (xrays); an examination, and a regular professional cleaning, with help for your individual, unique hygiene needs. The most important clinical part of the clinical examination is the oral cancer check. You'll also get a screening for gum disease; a risk assessment for susceptibility to cavities; an evaluation of your occlusion (bite - currently the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults) and a personalised plan to reduce further risk. All of this is gentle and non invasive!


A first visit typically involves a lot of new information for patients, and many times we are told that this is the most thorough exam that our patient has ever received! You're going to hear us giving information to your dental assistant to put into your digital chart in real time. This sounds like a strange language, but we translate this for you, usually with the help of photographs that we take inside your mouth! This is because we like our patients savvy about their dental health! And if you ever have any questions - call, text, email, message us on Facebook!



  76-6225 Kuakini Hwy, Suite B203  •  Kailua Kona, HI  96740
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