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Care package my family put together for me before I head off to our Syrian mission trip.

One of the awesome Syrian doctors translating.

Inside our tents on our Syria mission.

Playing with Syrian refugee children!

Setting up for clinic day in preschool building. The dust covered the instruments in a matter of minutes.

A Syrian refugee girl. We are in a preschool classroom. The suitcases in the background holds all of our instruments. The cup the little girl is holding, is the cup her extracted tooth will go in.

Yay! All happy again! He got cuddles from the Habitat for Humanity bear!

Convincing a little Syrian boy that he was safe.

Calming down a frightened Syrian boy, after extracting a tooth in a refugee camp.

A Syrian brother and sister who both had extractions. They behaved very well, and looked like they were both shell shocked before we even started. The girl was so good that she got two stars from the Syrian translators. This is what war does to children.

When a child came in who had experienced trauma, we would wrap them in a human papoose; and sing to calm them down.

Example of a terrified little Syrian girl, we sang to calm her. She did great!

In the middle of the desert, an abandoned shoe. Can only imagine the story behind it.

A Building close to Syrian border where bombing was audible close by.

A  door mat made from United Nations high Commission tent material.

A make shift sign in a temporary camp clinic.

Refugee tents on the side of the road.